And so my heart danced, and with it my soul, for love, in any form, will always be a reason to celebrate.


No matter how you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling today, I hope that you look at someone you love and cherish and celebrate who they are are what they bring to you.

Of all the things we will come to lament and regret in our short time on this planet, love, kindness, and compassion will never be among them.

Today, I honour and celebrate you and all of humanity, no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, or geographical location. Thank you for adding to my experience.

We are beings of temporal eternity.

We are beautiful and terrible.

Magical and mundane.

Fantastic and familiar.

We are the dichotomy.

The sublime coincidence.

We are; will be; have always been

Titanic in our tininess.

We are glorious.

We are nothing more and nothing less than stardust.




Finally!!! Took me long enough!

Updates are coming

I am very happy to say after months of just opening the document and then looking at cat memes for hours, I have finally disciplined myself and updated my Whofic, The Price of Living! IMG_2610

The new chapter, The Black Archive, is up and available for all to read and I’m well into the next chapter with an excitement I haven’t had since I first began writing it.

Seriously, I know exactly what my issue was, and it came down to a lack of confidence that I could properly tell the story. I got mired. So I avoided and ignored it, letting what once brought me much joy become something over which I felt guilt and anxiety. I am very happy to say that I’m mostly over it.


I really do owe this new chapter and my reawakened internal fire to the support and encouragement I’ve gotten from you wonderful people out there who read Dead and the Descendant and left me such beautiful and amazing words of encouragement.

I know it isn’t an SVM/TB story and that many of you aren’t followers of the Doctor Who fandom, but the support has been so instrumental to reconnecting to the belief in myself. Thank you. I know I say it all the time, but the truth is, I can’t say it enough. It has meant everything.

So this one goes out to you, you beautiful people! I’m in your debt as an author and I don’t know how I would’ve gotten here without you! You are the best!!

I really am beating out a samba!



George Martin just won the internet and my allegiance for life.


The man has always had my respect. He’s brilliant, and there’s no denying he can tell a story that will have you obsessively turning pages until something in real life pries the book from your gnawed-upon fingers. He also staunchly supports women when the media does its lame media thing,  subtly shaming interviewers with idiotic questions for being ignorant and sexist with a well-timed quip:


But I had no idea the man was as funny and irreverent as he has just proven to be with this article:

An Open Letter Explaining the Abundance of Death in Game Of Thrones

Beware! The above letter is not for you if you are easily offended or sensitive to language. No judgement, I’m just giving the warning as a courtesy.

I think he must base Tyrion loosely on his own personality because… Wow. That was every bit as intelligent and biting as the Imp gets.

Yeah. I’m geeking out.

And…Yes, my sense of humor is… questionable, but I’m telling you right now that ‘shitlords’ is going into my permanent vocabulary bank.

I think what strikes me most is the fact that even someone as incredibly talented and masterful as G.R.R.M. gets flamed all the time by trolls who just want to have something negative to say. Complainers will complain. He still gets to make the rules in Westeros, and that is priceless.

And good lord Shakespeare was ruthless! I mean, I knew it, but I’ve never seen it pointed out in such a hilarious way.

“Lets just say MacBeth makes the Red Wedding look like a bridal shower.”

OMG Hahahahahahaha! I want this man to frikkin adopt me.

Anyway, that’s all. Don’t feed the trolls, and to all the writers that read this: thank you for all your brilliant stories and updates. I’ve had an amazing week in fan fiction reads and it is such a joy in my life!



Exchange Sign Ups 2015!

I opened this email this morning and did a little jig!! Ready to write? Let’s have some fun!!!

Greetings, all.

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood Fiction Exchange.

Sign ups start today and end on the 22nd of June.

If you are unsure on how to sign up, I have added a sample sign up page. You can view it HERE.

SIGN UP HERE <– Just follow the link to sign up!

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

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6 days left!

Wow! Wowowowow!! 4padfoot has been kept busy I’m sure! 265 nominations! That’s awesome!! She’s also updated the list of authors and stories nominated so be sure to check it out for more awesome reads and, with six days left to nominate, to make sure you’re not sending repeats for the categories! (Let’s be kind to 4padfoot and make sure she has time for her family and herself, so double check!) You guys are the best rising to the challenge and showing so much support for writers in this community!! The original writers messing with our favourite characters? Pfft. We laugh and write and share our own stories. Adversity? We’ll overcome it with love and positivity in the end. And another huge thank you to 4padfoot for her colossal effort on behalf of a ton of people she’s never met but makes a difference to!! Keep reading and spreading the smiles!!

You Want Blood Awards

Half way thru nominations…

I have managed to get the nominations updated thru today so please before you nominate make sure to check to see if they have not already been nominated.  *Saves me some time to not have to re check the same stories over and over!*

So far there have been 265 nominations I have several emails out so a few more nominations will be added as soon as people answer me.

Also I will be making the voting polls from the nominee page so if you see a typo or something else wrong please leave me a message so I can get it corrected soon.

Way to go guys!

Click the link here to be taken to the nominee’s page



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There’s absolutely no way I’m going to be a model employee today. I’m so thrilled that I’ve got so many people reading, and following, and leaving brilliant and amazing comments, I’m just sitting here wiggling in my seat and grinning like a fool. I feel like I want to keep looking behind me because it can’t be my story getting this much attention, it’s gotta be the writer behind me you’re waving at and I’m daydreaming! Especially on my very first fanfic!! What?! Just wow. I feel like I could dance rather than walk everywhere and I’ve got you readers to thank!! This is absolutely the best feeling in the world!!

That’s all, really. I just wanted to say thank you for your support and tell you all that, for a shy gal like me, it means so much!! I’m feeling inspired!!