6 days left!

Wow! Wowowowow!! 4padfoot has been kept busy I’m sure! 265 nominations! That’s awesome!! She’s also updated the list of authors and stories nominated so be sure to check it out for more awesome reads and, with six days left to nominate, to make sure you’re not sending repeats for the categories! (Let’s be kind to 4padfoot and make sure she has time for her family and herself, so double check!) You guys are the best rising to the challenge and showing so much support for writers in this community!! The original writers messing with our favourite characters? Pfft. We laugh and write and share our own stories. Adversity? We’ll overcome it with love and positivity in the end. And another huge thank you to 4padfoot for her colossal effort on behalf of a ton of people she’s never met but makes a difference to!! Keep reading and spreading the smiles!!

You Want Blood Awards

Half way thru nominations…

I have managed to get the nominations updated thru today so please before you nominate make sure to check to see if they have not already been nominated.  *Saves me some time to not have to re check the same stories over and over!*

So far there have been 265 nominations I have several emails out so a few more nominations will be added as soon as people answer me.

Also I will be making the voting polls from the nominee page so if you see a typo or something else wrong please leave me a message so I can get it corrected soon.

Way to go guys!

Click the link here to be taken to the nominee’s page



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