George Martin just won the internet and my allegiance for life.


The man has always had my respect. He’s brilliant, and there’s no denying he can tell a story that will have you obsessively turning pages until something in real life pries the book from your gnawed-upon fingers. He also staunchly supports women when the media does its lame media thing,  subtly shaming interviewers with idiotic questions for being ignorant and sexist with a well-timed quip:


But I had no idea the man was as funny and irreverent as he has just proven to be with this article:

An Open Letter Explaining the Abundance of Death in Game Of Thrones

Beware! The above letter is not for you if you are easily offended or sensitive to language. No judgement, I’m just giving the warning as a courtesy.

I think he must base Tyrion loosely on his own personality because… Wow. That was every bit as intelligent and biting as the Imp gets.

Yeah. I’m geeking out.

And…Yes, my sense of humor is… questionable, but I’m telling you right now that ‘shitlords’ is going into my permanent vocabulary bank.

I think what strikes me most is the fact that even someone as incredibly talented and masterful as G.R.R.M. gets flamed all the time by trolls who just want to have something negative to say. Complainers will complain. He still gets to make the rules in Westeros, and that is priceless.

And good lord Shakespeare was ruthless! I mean, I knew it, but I’ve never seen it pointed out in such a hilarious way.

“Lets just say MacBeth makes the Red Wedding look like a bridal shower.”

OMG Hahahahahahaha! I want this man to frikkin adopt me.

Anyway, that’s all. Don’t feed the trolls, and to all the writers that read this: thank you for all your brilliant stories and updates. I’ve had an amazing week in fan fiction reads and it is such a joy in my life!



4 comments on “George Martin just won the internet and my allegiance for life.

  1. Lol just the link!
    Mr. George Martin is only stating that in every good story there will deaths!
    Of course the readers would like to see their favourite character to live until the end but sometimes that doesn’t happen!
    You should go to tumblr to see all those hateful posts cuz fans don’t understand why Jon Snow had to be stabbed to death…
    Are we really sure he’s dead?
    I respect Mr. George Martin writing skills unlike certain other authors that changes their characters at the very end

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    • LOL! ::Cough:: Charlaine Harris ::Cough:: Too true!! I do understand the outrage, I mean, we get attached, but I didn’t see this kind of freaking out when Sirius, Dumbledore, Fred, Remus, Tonks, or Snape died. And those are only a few of the characters that JK Rowling killed!

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    • Right?! That whole section where he talks about his dead characters was uh-mazing and hilarious!! I think the Titus Andronicus-Scott Tenorman South Park bit had me gasping for breath. I bookmarked it for whenever I need to just laugh like a fool. Big Willy Shakes. Brill.

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