Chapter: 15



The hours just before dawn had been… eventful. Needing to go to ground had never been more frustrating, nor more dangerous for the three of us, but daytime rest is a law that no vampire can circumvent… for long.

As it was, I had Pam stay and keep a firm grip on Anabelle while I saw to business until I could fight the compulsion to rest no longer. Moving during that early sunlight hour was dangerous and very hard, but I had reason for choosing the building I did. It had a windowless stairwell, and a direct connection in its basement to the sewers where I could travel unharmed and unlooked for any hour I wished.

I had returned to find an altogether pleasing picture awaiting. Pam and Anabelle lay facing each other, arms and legs entangled.

I was almost reticent to ruin the perfection they created, but then, of course, I knew I could really only enhance the scene. Still, I mentally recorded the picture of my child and my… my…

What was she in relation to me? My tool? My gift? My opportunity? My… Mine.

She was mine in any case, titling the relationship had little point.

I had locked the door and wrapped my limbs around both my child and my… my Anabelle, and finally let death swallow me.

When I rose again for the evening, the first thing I became aware of was the scent of fairy. The next,  my Nan was missing from our grip. Not only was she missing from our arms, but she was not even in the room which had been locked and barred very thoroughly.


Panic is not an emotion to which I subscribe. I fought it very hard then.

Grabbing my child and shaking her, then flinging her from me and ripping the door from its hinges was not a display of that emotion.

Sending the useless door flying into a wall where it shattered was just a way to vent frustration, not a demonstration of desperation. Needing to mangle the fairy whose scent lingered in this place was also not due to panicking.

I do not panic.

Eric! Jeez! Overreaction much?!” came floating through the red haze filling my senses, making it impossible to think.

I turned to see a wide-eyed, tricky little part-Fae backed into a wall, surveying the damage. I moved slowly toward her, determined to catch the little thing and subdue it so that it could not escape me again.

With each step forward, it moved toward the open door to the balcony. Its expression going from one of annoyance and displeasure, to one of mounting trepidation.

Run, Little Fae. It will make it more interesting, I urged silently.

“Eric… Calm down…”

I was calm.

I was the essence of calm.

I was also the essence of hunger.

And cunning.

The door is open… just try to run.

It edged closer to the open door leading outside. The expression of anxiety was rapidly turning to terror.


“Eric. I’m here and nothing bad happened. I stayed here. I just left the room. I didn’t leave, I swear!”

Oh yes, the tricky little thing had slipped my grip. That would not happen again.

Run, Fairy. Run from me. Run from death.

“Eric, I’m serious. Just stop.”

Interesting that it believed I cared anything for its commands.

Its heartbeat was racing, filling the room with the maddening perfume of frightened Fae.

I was almost in range to grab it. Its scent was calling to me.


It finally made a break for freedom, but far too slowly.

It screamed as I seized it, inflaming me further, and I shoved it into the wall.

“Eric…” it whispered huskily, chest heaving with ragged breath.

Leaning so that my face was millimeters from the tender curve of its shoulder, I inhaled. My pupils dilated and fangs extended fully. The flesh quivered and begged for my bite as I scraped it. I would savor its blood that was singing to me like a siren and drain it slowly. Oh, so slowly. This one was so easily caught, it had practically begged for my bite.

Arms were thrown around my neck, and insistent little lips crushed against mine. Pinning it between my body and the wall, I lifted its denim-clad legs to circle my waist and rhythmically rolled my hips against its hot little center, moaning as I parted its lips with my tongue.

The taste was sweet and intoxicating.

My hands roughly traversed the curves of the warm little meal.

It began moaning into my mouth, its own hungry little tongue danced with mine and caressed my fangs, teasing me into further frenzy.

Too many barriers were between me and the promise of sublime pleasure.

I ripped away the little bit of flowery fabric covering its upper body and plunged my face into its bountiful chest, licking and nipping at the stiff little peaks beneath the pink lace of the brassiere. Its hands twined into my hair as it mewed soft little cries of bliss.

“Eric… oh, God… Eric…”

I tore away the lacy scrap and seized one dusky, pink nipple in my mouth.

“Eric, please…”

I licked at its neck, preparing the tender skin for my throbbing fangs.

“Eric! Eric! You have to stop! We have to stop! Stop! STOP!”

I might not have been able if its – her – Anabelle’s skin had not started radiating an intense light.

I froze.

“Eric, I won’t be able to keep it in if we don’t stop right now! Put me down! Put me down!”

I was on a knife’s edge with my dark nature, but I set her on her feet gently, and retreated to the other side of the room.

Anabelle slumped to the floor and closed her eyes, measuring her breaths while she struggled for control. I understood the feeling. Even then, I felt the battle raging inside to maintain my distance.

The radiance faded to a soft glow slowly, and finally settled into a faint aura and she looked up at me.

“That was waaay too close.”

I said nothing.

“The women of your family make my master very entertaining.”

Pamela had quietly witnessed the entire scene, I was sure. After all, it was very unlikely that she had been able to continue resting after I had thrown her against a wall. She was still staring at Nan when she moved to my side.

“You are a fascinating creature.”

“Glad you’re amused, Pam. I’ll be here all week.”

“Master, you must leave and feed.”

I left immediately without looking back.

My child was right. I had gone without blood for too long and lost control. I could not allow that to happen again. I had also been given much to contemplate and solitude would allow me space to process. We would speak when I returned.

Hunting without killing would not be satisfying, but leaving a trail of bodies would be idiotic in the extreme. My dark nature still thundered within me. Each time I remembered I had risen to the intoxicating smell of fairy and the emptiness of my arms, I resisted the urge to destroy something.

She could have been taken from me far too easily. I needed to solve this problem. I had believed our location was secure after I had detained the largest of threats. I would not make that mistake again.

Thankfully, the business I would be attending later in the night would fulfill my need to maim and mangle.





Chapter: 16

Chapter: 14



7 comments on “Chapter: 15

  1. This was a hard chapter to write. It was tempting to abandon ship in the process because I hated making Eric lose control even a little bit. He’s supposed to be extremely self controlled, and I hated when CH did things that contradicted that, but I figured if you were in his position and had 100 years of psychological torture and spent the whole time in the company of other vampires, it would probably mess with even the most careful and masterful vamps. Plus, fairy scent is dangerous!!


  2. Hmm. The Fae Haze hits again. I like the way you did that. The loss of reason, the kick to darker instincts. It made sense, especially as he was basically already nearly starved before we add Fae scent.
    And yes, I chose to read. As I am about to do again lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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