Chapter: 27



I let them come.

I dispatched all who had come before, vaguely hoping one would succeed where all others failed. Their failures littered the ground around me.

I knew they would amass to destroy me.

I opened my mouth and scented the air.

Five, maybe six Fae were lurking nearby. The humans that were too stupid to run had all been cut down where they stood, slack-jawed and cowering. None was left in the area.

The vampires that had come to reason with me were so much ash. Bill Compton would soon send his oldest and strongest.

Let them come.

The blood of the priestess had faded the night before and I no longer felt the need to rampage. I regretted drinking her, but not her death. They had all deserved to die.

I also deserved to die.

Pondering the futility of the compulsion, I had gone to ground in a nearby basement and risen to fairies laying in wait on the street. I killed them all easily. I did not feel the wounds they inflicted, and they had been numerous. I only felt anger, and disgust, and the beginnings of indifference.

Nothing would be right again. Let me go to my final death in battle.

The first fairy emerged from the shadows holding a silver blade that glinted in the dim city light. I didn’t move.

He was soon flanked my another. Then another.

“Eric.” Bill Compton was behind me. “It has to stop, Eric.”

“Fuck off, Bill.”

I heard a chorus of snarls behind me. He was not alone. Still, I did not turn my gaze from the six creatures facing me.

“You have nowhere to go. It’s time.”

“Let it be so.”

“Why now?”

“I have no intention of explaining myself to you, Compton.”

“Eric, in all the years of our acquaintance you have never behaved like a fool. I repeat, why now?”

I snarled and turned involuntarily. I would rip Compton’s head from his shoulders.

The fairies used this as the signal to attack.

The sandy eyed leader wielding the silver blade was the first to die. He impaled me through the gut. It burned like hellfire, but I grabbed the blade and wrenched it through my core. The off-balance fae fell into my hands and I tore him in half.

I took up the silver sword at the hilt and parted the head from the nearest attacking vampire’s shoulders.

I spun into the next opponent, not caring as to which species she belonged, and ripped her heart from her chest. Glittering dust spilled into the night air from her disintegrating corpse.

It seemed the others were engaging each other.

And I was the fool?

I moved from pair to pair, hoping to find a worthy opponent in one, but it seemed Bill Compton was useless. No vampires old enough to present a challenge would fight me for him.

When the last of the pathetic wastes was dispersing into ash, I stood and faced him, sword in hand.

“I will kill you, Eric.”

“You will try.”

I moved a pace forward.

He moved one back.


“Run away now, King Bill.” I dropped the blade and slumped to the ground.

Let more come, or let the dawn take me.

“Eric, I will only come back with the means to end you.”

“Then stop talking about it, and make it so.”

“You want to finally die?”

I remained silent.

“Is this because of Anabelle?”

I growled low in my chest.

“Why do you not continue your search?”

“I believe I told you to fuck off once already.”

“I just saw her last night in Milford Nebraska, you cannot tell me you have given up so easily.”

He finally caught my full attention. “You did not inform me of this.”

“You did not seek the information before killing indiscriminately.”

I did not feel the need to explain my actions, but did so, “I was under the impression she had been taken to the fairy plane.”

“And killing the masses made you feel better?”

I opened my mouth to answer, but felt Pamela’s pull. I was tempted to ignore it, but it accompanied feelings of danger, and intense pain.

Without another word to Bill, I took flight in search of my child.

Perhaps the fae had her to draw me out. I would answer.

I was not expecting what I found.

The half dead wolf I had hired to protect my Anabelle knelt bleeding profusely and missing an arm next to a light covered in blanket.

Pamela lay a few yards beyond in a pool of her own blood, her insides ripped out and scattered around her. I flew to her first. I would deal with the stinking animal momentarily.


Her eyes bolted open and she fixed me with pleading blue chips of ice. I bit my wrist. What blood I had left, was my child’s salvation. This would be a fitting end. I would live on through my progeny.

She shook her head slightly and turned it in the direction of the dying wolf.

“Master,” she whispered, “Nan…”

“Pam, my child. I do not understand you. You must drink. You will not survive long if you do not.”

She shook her head weakly again, and lifted a bloody hand pointing once again in the direction of the Were.

He had slumped over the light source.

If I took longer to make the connection than I would normally, I can only say it was due to my own severe blood loss.

The light was my Anabelle.

I turned back to my child and kissed her forehead.

“Yes, I understand now. But you must drink, my child.”

She shook her head.

“Go,” she croaked. Her eyes brooked no opposition.

I was by Nan’s side in a blink, pushing the bloody body that had maimed my child off my love. He was not yet dead. I would remedy that soon enough.

I pulled away the blanket and roared.

She was nearly dead. Blood leaked from every possible exit point of her face.

I cradled her limp body to me. This was why Pam had refused me. I felt overwhelming love and grief for my child.

Her eyes met mine and I saw that they no longer had any color, they were consumed by her light.

Her mouth opened with a scream of pain, as she lifted a hand and placed it on my face. She closed her eyes, and I heard her voice in my thoughts.

Tínnu Mæthor mån lí næg?

Though I did not understand the words, I felt as if I had heard them before. They brought me a comfort I could not express. I pressed my hand against hers, holding it to my cheek. I stroked her hair and tried to comfort her.

“Hush now, my love, my only love. Please, don’t try to move. I will heal you.”

No time nín mêl. Wish.

“I have to heal you, I cannot lose you.”

Mêlėthríl. Wish. Undo all this. Go back.

“My love…”

Go back. Íėst. Wish. Íėst wish wishwishwishwishwishwishwishwishwish.

I felt the bloody tears trickling down my cheeks as I kissed her my blood mingling with hers on her wan cheeks.

She had never deserved this. I had spirited her away instead of listening to her wisdom. I had put my darkness before her well being. I had ignored her growing malaise. I had killed people she loved. Her life was better before I came into it. How many were now dead? How much suffering had I inflicted upon the world for my own selfishness? How else had I hurt her?

I love you, Tínnu Mæthor. Wish.

“I would wish you life, my darling. I love you.”

Åìl sì. Undo it all. Go back. Please!

The light was encapsulating us. She was choking and gasping for air. More blood leaked from her eyes and nose as I tried to position her to catch a breath.

Eric, nín mêl, wish. I love you. Îm mêlėth gæruïl. Wish. Íėst…

“Anabelle, I am sorry. I…”

Doesn’t matter. Gwædh mêl. Only love. Now, nín mêl. Wish! Bite! Íėst!

I sank my fangs into her beautiful shining neck. The flesh parted like the ripest bit of fruit and her essence filled me.

As her unbelievably sweet, hot blood flowed into my greedy mouth, I was floating on waves indescribable euphoria. I released her neck and searched for her lips, but my arms were empty. The light was all that I was left.

I felt grief threaten to overwhelm me, but remained focused.

I wished.

I let that one desire fill my being so that no other thought could mar it.

I would make things right for her.

I would not allow my darkness to taint her ever again.

I would walk away as I had with Sookie. I only ever destroyed these women.

She would be safe and happy.

No death, no pain, no destruction.





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11 comments on “Chapter: 27

    • Lol, again, I felt so evil writing the last few chapters. I wanted the characters to behave in one way and (like any good vampire would) they threw that right out and proceeded to cause mayhem. It was very outside the realm I usually write and it really helped me step out a bit.


    • LOL! It’s Tolkien’s Elvish with some modifications of my own so Google was doomed, I tell you, dooooooomed. I’m sure I’ve got notes on what it means but it’s all basically a bunch of telling him she loves him and forgives him and to wish, with the exception of “Tínnu Mæthor mån lí næg” which means “Night Warrior, what is your sorrow” and in the dream Eric has at the beginning she says the same thing. I should add an A/N though with the translations! Good idea!

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