New Blood Author Recs


In order to facilitate some nominations and exposure for new authors, I’m putting out a list of new authors I highly enjoy. It can be really hard for me to give new authors a shot because, usually once I’ve started ready anything, I’ve got a compulsion to see it through to the end, so it can be daunting if I’m unsure of the quality of the writer’s work (this goes for professional writers too – and actually, they’re a bigger gamble IMHO.) It’s really easy to stick with my go-tos for stories that I know will satisfy and bring me joy. Still, I’m usually so happy I took the plunge when I come across a new author’s story and so I’m sharing some that I’ve enjoyed. If we all put a few out there, it’ll give lots of exposure and encouragement to new blood, and hopefully, they’ll keep crafting works about our favourite vampires for us readers for years to come!

Anyway, enough chatter from me. These are in no particular order and they are not all complete, you might even have read all of them, but in case you haven’t, let’s encourage them to see them to completion and give us more:




Miss Alice Unsub









American Android

Unseen Wonder






Here are some I haven’t read but came as recs from readers! I’m intrigued and excited that I got a few new reads from this post as well!! So many good things in Viking form!! Thank you to all of you who shared authors with me, and I’d love to see more recs come!!


The Viking Succubus

Prudence Plays

I know there are so many not listed here and no slight is intended to anyone. In fact, I’d love it if you’d take my challenge and post a new author rec list of your own and include those I missed. Let’s get this snowballing into a love and blood fest and support and encourage as many as we can!!

Because… you know… this:


And the more we have to read, the better my fantasies get.


The Eld (The Group Home Goddess and How I Quit Smoking) New story by Tiel Kinsner

The Eld (The Group Home Goddess and How I Quit Smoking) is my new work of fiction.

I’d love to hear thoughts from any that read it!

Our heroine, Celine, is a misfit twenty-something with a colorful past, a bad Xanax habit, and a big secret that could help change the course of the future on Earth. Come play with her and her little band of heroes as she shakes off the shackles of a troubled past and finds herself nose deep in a celestial power struggle as old as the heavens.

Read here: