O….M….G…. Laughs of the much-needed variety!

I sooooooo needed this today.

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Fan fiction writers and readers unite!

I totally ship it. I ship it so hard.




Seriously, I’m going to iTunes immediately after posting this to see if the song parody is available to download. I will be dancing in my car like a fool to this song by tomorrow morning.

I hope this made you laugh as much as I did and I hope your week is gorgeous and full of all the things which make you smile!!


And so my heart danced, and with it my soul, for love, in any form, will always be a reason to celebrate.


No matter how you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling today, I hope that you look at someone you love and cherish and celebrate who they are are what they bring to you.

Of all the things we will come to lament and regret in our short time on this planet, love, kindness, and compassion will never be among them.

Today, I honour and celebrate you and all of humanity, no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political stance, or geographical location. Thank you for adding to my experience.

We are beings of temporal eternity.

We are beautiful and terrible.

Magical and mundane.

Fantastic and familiar.

We are the dichotomy.

The sublime coincidence.

We are; will be; have always been

Titanic in our tininess.

We are glorious.

We are nothing more and nothing less than stardust.






There’s absolutely no way I’m going to be a model employee today. I’m so thrilled that I’ve got so many people reading, and following, and leaving brilliant and amazing comments, I’m just sitting here wiggling in my seat and grinning like a fool. I feel like I want to keep looking behind me because it can’t be my story getting this much attention, it’s gotta be the writer behind me you’re waving at and I’m daydreaming! Especially on my very first fanfic!! What?! Just wow. I feel like I could dance rather than walk everywhere and I’ve got you readers to thank!! This is absolutely the best feeling in the world!!

That’s all, really. I just wanted to say thank you for your support and tell you all that, for a shy gal like me, it means so much!! I’m feeling inspired!!