The Eld (The Group Home Goddess and How I Quit Smoking)

9/15/14    I feel like some things aren’t jiving so I’m doing major edits and will make it all available again soon.


This is an original bit of work that I’ll be posting in installments.  I’m excited about this!  I’ve never shared any original work this way.  Well, I’ve never shared any original work that wasn’t work-related.  I’m in no way of the belief that many will read, but I hope that if you do, you find it as fun an adventure to read as I have to write.

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with the supernatural, ancient mythology and religions of all sorts.  This is my love of The X-Men and supernatural fantasy meeting my love of ancient Pagan religions and running amok.

Our heroine, Celine, is a misfit twenty-something with a colorful past, a bad Xanax habit, and a big secret that could help change the course of the future on Earth.  Come play with her and her little band of heroes as she shakes off the shackles of a troubled past and finds herself nose deep in a celestial power struggle as old as the heavens.

I’m intending this for a mature audience due to some violence, language, and mature themes. Also, please keep in mind that this is a fantasy story.  Please, just take it as it was intended, as a work of fiction.

Selene and the moon 2

I’ve moved each chapter to its own page to make it easier to read.  Enjoy!



Chapter 1: Abduction

Chapter 2: Revelation

Chapter 3: Deities

Chapter 4: Interception

Chapter 5: Assent

Chapter 6: Valediction

Chapter 7: Sanctuary




Thor’s battle against the Jôtnar.


Loki imprisoned while his wife Sigyn collects the poison.



Thor and Loki 2

Because I can digitally bring them to life,  this is my Thor and Loki.  Twins by human standards only.



Selene and the sleeping Endymion.



Zero clue if this is an actual rendition of Andraste (according to Google it is, but that’s dodgy information at best)  however, it is exactly the way I’d picture her.



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