The Price of Living – A Doctor Who Fanfic



The Price of Living is a tale set in the Doctor Who multiverse!

The Doctor has recently lost Amy and Rory Pond, and River Song has just informed him she’s going on an expedition to The Library. He travels alone and suffers heavy losses on a planet involved in an interstellar war and is contemplating withdrawing from the universe when he feels a presence in his mind that he hasn’t felt in hundreds of years.

Can there actually be other Time Lords in the universe?  Or is it a trap?


TPoL is still in progress. It’s rated T+ to M overall for violence and some adult content within the series. Chapters that are NSFW are clearly marked. Multi-era Doctor story but mostly 11 & 8 (9 & 10 do come for a visit.)

Chapter index is available below or start chapter one here.

I ship every Doctor with Rose Tyler, though I don’t hate River. I’m just saying, if you put each of them behind a door and told him to choose his forever… This one is 11/Rose and Tentoo/Rose. Very AU as I’m almost completely chucking out canon after Amy and Rory are gone… We also get Jack Harkness, Rassilon, the Master, Braxiatel, Bad Wolf, and many more.

This is my first Doctor Who fan-fic! As with Dead and the Descendant, it’s likely a one time deal. I have this story to tell and probably won’t be delving into the Doctor’s world after I tell it, but I do have this one nagging. It’s distracting from my other story, so instead of trying and failing to ignore the plot bunnies using my head as a warren, I’m getting it out! I do my own banner artwork, and I’m unbeta-ed but anal-retentive.

Like my other fan-fic, I use original characters as well as existing because it’s more satisfying for me as a writer to create my own multifaceted beings while playing within the parameters of a universe I didn’t create. I think it allows me more room to work with the set characters in my own head, so I’m cheating really. I hope you enjoy it, and please, let me know what you think!

These stories are also available broken up according to rating and adventure on here and Teaspoon and an Open Mind here.

DISCLAIMER: As always, I neither own Doctor Who, nor profit in any way from the writing of this story.  Doctor Who is the intellectual and artistic property of the BBC and its affiliates.  I own a dog, not a TT Capsule Type 40, and she isn’t even a robot.

My wretchedness is self evident.

Also, if I owned Doctor Who, well, this:

mcgannvmoffWhoever made this gif is my hero… I could watch it all day…


Six is not impressed with my attempts at levity.


Chapter 1: Unexpected Presence

Chapter 2: Spare Parts

Chapter 3: On the Lash

Chapter 4: In the Wolf’s Den

Chapter 5: Tea and Time Lords

Chapter 6: A Young TARDIS

Chapter 7: Faffing About in Alleyways

Chapter 8: A Conversation and an Invitation

Chapter 9: Hijacked

Chapter 10: You Call Her Sexy

Chapter 11: Symbols and Secrets

Chapter 12: Something of the Wolf About You

Chapter 13: Ambrosia

Chapter 14: Escape and Capture

Chapter 15: Evasion

Chapter 16: The Ruins of Olympia

Chapter 17: Compassion

Chapter 18: Such Sweet Sorrow

Chapter 19: Exodus

Chapter 20: Down the Rabbit Hole

Chapter 21: Bad Wolf Rising

Chapter 22: Odd Doctors and Stone Dust

Chapter 23: Traitors’ Gate

Chapter 24: The Black Archive

Chapter 25: Tango Through Time

Chapter 26: In Discord and Rhyme

Chapter 27: Reasoning and Corkscrews

The Amber of the Moment

Short stories set within The Price of Living verse:


Cold Corridors and Confessions – may end up being a series. Just a oneshot right now. Set in Pete’s world amid the sadness and confusion after Journey’s End. No babies for Tentoo and Rose yet – no anything for them yet. This is about how Tentoo becomes the Doctor for the woman he loves more than anything in the universe.

Currently, appropriate for all ages.

Jailbreak – is a Rose Tyler/Tentoo/triplets fic set in Pete’s World before TPoL begins. Humorous and fluffy but also good back story for The Price of Living, the children manage to get their hands on the sonic screwdriver before bed. It isn’t necessary to read TPoL to follow or enjoy Jailbreak, but there are tie-ins.

Appropriate for all ages.


Bats on a Spaceship – Rose/Tentoo/Triplets. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Three years after Jailbreak, they’ve adopted more bats. Introspective for Rose, but sweet and fluffy at the same time, also set in Pete’s world before TPoL begins. It isn’t necessary to read TPoL to follow or enjoy Bats on a Spaceship, but there are tie-ins. Reading Jailbreak first is recommended.

Appropriate for all ages

Bats on a Spaceship

Stolen Hours – Missing scene within TPoL, between chapters 19 & 20. Jack/Selene lemons, angst, and character study. TPoL is necessary for comprehension and enjoyment.

18+ NSFW.

Stolen Hours1 Stolen Hours is sort of a ch:19.5; a missing scene, but is non-essential to the main plot. It’s fun if you like a little slice of lemon with your tea and Time Lords, but it will only give you back story without forward movement. Now, I love it, and I do encourage you to give it a go. I became very attached to this pairing while I wrote and it surprised the hell out of me. I didn’t think I would as I almost cut the plot line initially, however, the pairing has a very definite purpose, affecting so very much more than just themselves and their futures in a timey-wimey way, but before I’m tempted to give spoilers for my favourite plot twists, I’m going to wrap it up and say, if you’re tempted and old enough, read it. If you’re under eighteen, object to or lemons just aren’t your thing, move on to chapter twenty; I promise you’re not going to get lost if you do.

Now for a bit of silliness:

tumblr_ndj5hy7Gsv1u18s3mo1_500Yep. Almost always… But on the rare occasion…



Love ’em.

c504966c9d127745752ea97051ee6cf8Oh, Rose Tyler.


Because… even though Tom Baker is a genius bastard that will probably always be the best Doctor, Christopher Eccleston will always be my favorite and incredibly brilliant himself. Seriously, his rants at the Dalek in Dalek?!? Unbelievable bit of acting there!! He gave the Doctor a darkness and relatable flawed goodness that I don’t think the character ever had before. Brill.


This was the moment I knew Smith was going to be amazing. I have a thing for talent.


I could not stop laughing at this.


I can’t be serious, ever. I need professional help.



I love Four so much!



And this is why I’m the only one that laughs at my jokes.


triplets4 newAlpha newTorin newLios newThe-Four-Doctors-2

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